✩ Grab + go garlands are custom, pre-built balloon garlands that are pick up only.
✩ We can work with you to customize colors and length. 
✩ We will create it 1-2 days prior to your event for you to pick up and self-install at home.
✩ We provide all supplies needed to hang and will tell you how when you pick up. 
✩ 5 feet minimum ($125) and 10 feet maximum ($250). $25 per foot. 
✩ PLEASE NOTE: you may not change your garland colors less than one week prior to pick up. Colors are not guaranteed on any new orders made within 5 days of your scheduled pick up. **Please try to book at least 1 week in advance. 
✩ An empty SUV or larger is recommended to transport balloon garlands. Please arrive with it empty and the seats folded down. 5-6 feet could fit in a car. 

✩ If kept indoors, balloons should last weeks to months. Balloons are sensitive to temperature and may shrink when in cold air and expand outdoors and in hot temperature (will be more prone to popping in sun) – they love air conditioning, so please place them inside for best results.

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