bubble house


✩ The newest and trendiest addition to any party! Our bubble house is an inflatable dome with easy entry/exit and has internal balloon circulation for added fun.

✩ Bubble house bookings start at $400* and can be customized to your party needs. Bubble house measures 18ft long, 13ft wide and 10ft high. We would recommend a 20’ long, 16’ wide, and 10’ high area for it to be. 

✩ Each reservation includes a four-hour rental period, 100+ interior balloons (four or less colors of your choosing), and installation & delivery (up to 15 miles from 54911).

*Additional fees will apply for:
     - Deliveries/installations further than 15 miles from 54911.
     - Rental periods longer than four hours.
     - More than four colors for the interior balloons.
     - External balloon garlands attached to the bubble house.

**We offer set up both indoors and outdoors on any level surface that includes grass, turf, concrete, asphalt, cement, pavers and sports courts. For your safety and to avoid damage to our bubble house, we unfortunately CANNOT set up on gravel/rocks, on/near dirt or uneven surfaces. If you have any questions on where to position your bubble house, we encourage you to send us pictures of the party space before your event date.

**The Bubble House does not have a weight limit; however, it is highly recommended that no more than 4-5 children/adults go inside at one time. We recommend that participants are of a similar age at all times to ensure safety, especially for smaller children. Adults must help children go in and out!


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